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You find yourself in an emotionally challenging and legally complicated situation.

Maybe you’ve been disinherited or treated unfairly under a will, or maybe estate assets have been transferred prior to the death of the deceased and the estate has been shrunk so there is little left to be divided.  Maybe there are serious questions about how and when the final will was drawn up and whether it represents the true intentions of the deceased.  Maybe you’re trying to defend a will that’s being unfairly challenged.  Or maybe your’re an executor trying to pass accounts in the face of challenges by hostile and unreasonable beneficiaries.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, or in some other situation involving conflict over an estate, let me help you through the process to get a fair and just result. 

In my more than 30 years experience as a lawyer, I have found that although a few cases do end up having to go to trial, the vast majority of cases are settled without having to go to court.

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